Digital Humanities Network at UiB
Digital humanities

Digital humanities at the library

The first DH network lunch meeting in 2020 is about how the University Library can offer researchers in the digital humanities at UiB.

Babels bibliotek - bøker
Digital humanities at the library
(C) Marianne Gunderson

The University Library provides a range of services for humanities researchers who use digital tools, databases, and archives. The digital humanities are receiving increased focus, and there are plans to establish a digital humanities lab at UiB. At this meeting we will hear about what the University Library offers at the moment, and we will discuss what we would like to see in the future.

Some of the presentations will be in Norwegian, or with Norwegian slides and English presentation. A lot will be in English, so please do come even if your Norwegian is a bit shaky.


  • Introduction: What can the University Library offer?  Ingrid Cutler
  • Examples from current projects
  • Future plans:
    • Discussion: what services do participants need?
    • DigHumLab
    • Design Thinking as a method for developing services


  • Språksamlingene, Stadnamn og GIS (language collections, place names, GIS), Peder Gammeltoft
  • ​Digital full text archives, Øyvind Liland Gjesdal
  • Git, Ahl Vegard Nilsen
  • Courses and tools in DH for medieval studies, Pål Steiner
  • Network analysis, Susanne Mikki