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The University Library participates in several projects and research applications in the Digital Humanities, with participants both at the University of Bergen and external institutions. The Digital Lab coordinates these activities and can act as a project partner itself.

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Do not hesitate to take contact with the D-Lab coordinator if you know about a DH-project at the UiB that should be mentioned on this site.


The CLARINO+ project, established March 2020, is a continuation of the CLARINO project concluded in 2017. CLARINO is an important resource for research, development, and teaching in the humanities and other disciplines that utilize language resources, or study language structure and language processes. CLARINO+ aims to enhance the previously existing, national CLARINO infrastructure and provide easy access to existing and future language resources to researchers across Europe. 

The CLARINO+ project is financed by the Norwegian Research Council and is coordinated by Professor of Computational Linguistics at the department of Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies, Koenraad De Smedt. 


St. Birgitta of Sweden 

"Re-assessing St. Birgitta of Sweden and her Revelations in Medieval England: Circulation and Influence, 1380-1530 (ReVISION)" is a research project on St. Birgitta of Sweden and her revelations described in the latin-language Revelationes in medieval England. Birgittas influence in England is still not very well known, as most of her English works have not yet been edited. Her influence on literature and religion is not very well studied either. Therefore, the ReVISION project is conducting a comprehensive study on Birgitta of Sweden, and of the reach and influence of her works in medieval England. As of summer 2021, the study results will be presented as a website with various resources.

The ReVISION project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Young Research Talents scheme. It is led by Laura Saetveit Miles,  Associate Professor in English literature at the Department of Foreign Languages. 



The research project «SAMLA: National Infrastructure for Cultural History and Tradition Archives» aims to digitalize and provide access to archived materials localized in the three traditional Norwegian archives: The Norwegian Folklore Archives (NFS) at the University of Oslo, Norwegian Ethnological Research (NEG) at the Norsk Folkemuseum, and Etno-folkloristisk arkiv (EFA) (no official English name) at the University of Bergen. The extensive cultural historical materials in the archives are made accessible on the website samla.no, providing a digital archive for common use by researchers, students, the culture heritage sector, businesses, and the public. SAMLA facilitates searching in legends and myths across countries and languages in the Nordics, allowing for both local cultural historic studies and trans-national metastudies.

The SAMLA technical infrastructure is being developed and maintained by the University of Bergen Library, with funding from the Norwegian Research Council.