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Corpus workshop part 2

Are you planning to write an assignment or thesis and want to know more about what data and possibilities different corpus tools can offer? Then this is the workshop for you!

Lyspære og bokstaver med tekst workshop

Main content

In this workshop you will be introduced to several corpus tools and resources at the University of Bergen Language Collections (Språksamlingene) and the language research infrastructure Clarino. You will be shown examples of data extraction suitable for research and assignments. You will also get the opportunity to run your own searches under supervision. 


In each workshop the first part will be a general introduction to the different resources, with search examples. The second part will be practical and experimental, giving participants the opportunity to execute their own searches under supervision. 

Introductions will be presented in Norwegian, but questions and comments in English are welcome. 

Learning outcome 

After completing the workshop each participant will have gained an overview of different language data resources and will have received a practical exercise in extracting data from the resources. 

Target group 

Master students in the humanities and the social sciences, and others with an interest in language data. 

Practical information 

The workshop is divided into two parts (10th and 17th of November). It is possible to attend either just one or both workshops. We encourage you to bring your own dataset if you have one. In that case we can also offer you an instruction in how to deposit your data in a repository, for example the Clarino Bergen Centre Repository

A course certificate will be given upon completion of one or both workshops.