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Introductory course to LaTeX

This introductory course provides a general introduction to the command-driven tool LaTeX. The course is aimed at those who are about to start a larger written assignment, and who want to use a tool that produces neat and clear documents.

Laptop Computer, Diagrams And Documents On Digital Tablets

Main content

This course is held in English.

Course content

  • How to create my first LaTeX document
  • Structuring a LaTeX document (chapters, paragraphs, title page, table of contents, etc.)
  • Lists, graphic elements, images, tables and footnotes
  • Bibliographies and references in LaTeX
  • Cross references
  • LaTeX packages

The course is practice-oriented, and time is set aside to work with practical exercises in LaTeX. Course participants are encouraged to bring a text document that can be "translated" to LaTeX during the course.

Preparation before the course

LaTeX runs on virtually all operating systems:

  • If you work on Linux you don`t have to do any installation
  • In case of a Mac install MacTeX.
  • If you own a Windows machine we recommend MiKTeX.
  • Alternatively, you can use Overleaf, which is LaTeX in the Cloud, implying no need for a local installation but Internet acccess all the time you’re working with LaTeX.