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Participation in experiments in the Citizen lab

The participant pool is a main asset for the Citizen Lab, as it is easy for participants to participate and for researchers to find participants. Everyone are welcome to join the participant pool, by registering at our web pages.

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Would you like to participate in social science experiments and contribute to exciting research? You can join the pool of participants for the Citizen lab, the computer lab facility at DIGSSCORE.

The Citizen lab (Medborgerlaben) is situated in the second floor Sofie Lindstrøms hus, Rosenbergsgate 35. The lab is a computer lab with 32 workstations, where researchers from the University of Bergen, Uni Rokkan Centre, NHH, and sometimes other researchers run their experiments at the Citizen lab. In the Citizen lab so far we have had experiments on economic behaviour, attitudes toward climate change, mental imagery, decision making fatigue, and many more subjects.

An experiment is a central tool for understanding the human behaviour and attitudes in different situations. By registering at the Citizen lab participant list, you can be invited to participate in experiments and contribute to research that affects the society we live in. Most experiments will consist of making decisions and answering questions. Normally, no previous knowledge or experience is needed to participate in an experiment. Participants in many experiments will get paid for heir participation.

Information about which rules that are applicable for the specific experiment will be given when you are invited to participate in the experiment. Most experiments will be in Norwegian, and some in English.

Register at medborgerlab.app.uib.no if you wish to join the participant pool of the Citizen lab.

Welcome to the Citizen lab!