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The Citizen Lab is now ready for experiments that use online surveys, z-tree, E-prime, Inquisit and pen and paper. More software may be installed, please contact us if you have a specific software you wish to use for your experiment or teaching needs.

Our team is dedicated to creating knowledge together and lead the way for experimental social science in state of the art facilities. If you are interested in booking the Citizen Lab for experimental or teaching purposes, please submit an application form, and we will contact you regarding your booking. We kindly ask you to read the Citizen Lab rules carefully prior to your application. If you have any questions feel free to contact the lab management: digsscore@uib.no

Application form for experiments can be found here.


In addition to experiments or teaching in the lab, we have two meeting rooms that can be used. For experiment purposes, these will normally be booked together with the Citizen lab. But you can also use them for themselves.

The Corner room is our largest meeting room. You can seat 12 persons comfortably around the table, in addition to several people in the sofa, airmchairs and regular chairs. 20 people fit fine for a seminar, more can be fitted in too. For experiments, you can book it to use as a waiting room or information room, for example. It is also a good rom for focus groups.

The Project room is our main meeting room, which is comfortable for 8 people. We have equipment for video conferences, and two screens for efficient meetings. This is also the room that is connected to the lab. There is a small window to the lab and you can use this room to monitor and organise your experiment.


Write to digsscore@uib.no if you wish to book a room.