Tuesday Lunch Seminars

Each Tuesday in the main parts of the semester, there is a seminar arranged by DIGSSCORE and the research group Citizens and Democracy at the Department of Government. The seminars are open to all.

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When and Where:

Tuesdays 12 (noon) - 12:45
The Corner Room/Hjørnerommet, Rosenberggaten 35

General info:

At each meeting we will have a 30-minute presentation of something relevant to the users of the DIGSSCORE facility: It can be a research project, a scientific paper, a useful function in a statistical package or program, research in progress, experimental design, a way of measuring something in the lab, a course you (plan to) teach using the lab, an article that we can learn from, a guest you would like to introduce to the group. The person responsible for each session are free to choose the content of their session.

The presentation is followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. 

You may subscribe or unsubscribe to the weekly email by sending a request to erla.lovseth@uib.no.


Hybrid info:

We encourage all speakers to do their presentation physically in the Corner Room if possible. The seminars will also always be streamed so anyone with the link can join digitally. However, we encourage listeners to join us physically in the Corner Room. Join here for streaming.


Previous seminars can be found here.

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