DIGSSCORE Tuesday seminar

Tuesday lunch: Endre Tvinnereim and Håvard Haarstad

Håvard Haarstad
Håvard Haarstad
Håvard Haarstad
Endre Tvinnereim
Endre Tvinnereim
Uni Research

Endre Tvinnereim, researcher at NORCE, and Håvard Haarstad, professor at Department of Geography and leader of CET, will present today. 

Presentation of centre proposal: Centre for Coastal Area Sustainable Transport (COAST)



(GHG) emissions globally, and is a source of other environmental problems. The sector is currently undergoing large and rapid changes, involving both technology and policy innovations, and significant potentials for emission reduction.

COAST will contribute to solving challenges and exploiting opportunities for sustainable transport in coastal areas.

This proposal for a research centre on environmentally friendly energy (Forskningssenter for miljøvennlig energi, FME) brings together partners from UiB (CET+DIGSSCORE), NORCE, NHH, IIASA, and TØI.

Which social groups want local government to provide more environmental protection in China?  Using nationally representative, face-to-face survey data from 2014 together with PM2.5 estimates, I develop multilevel path models to test the influence of social characteristics, air pollution and environmental perceptions on citizen demand for environmental protection by local government. The study finds that socio-economic conditions had direct effects on wish for environmental protection by local government. Local PM2.5 concentrations had indirect effects through impact on awareness about local air quality and environmental health damage. Results indicate that China's air pollution-focused environmental protection reforms may be catering to the policy preferences of relatively privileged citizens.


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