DIGSSCORE Tuesday seminar

Arnstein Aassve: Never forget the first time: The persistent effects of corruption and the rise of populism in Italy

Aassve at DIGSSCORE lunch seminar
Aassve presenting at DIGSSCORE
Marta Eidheim for UiB


Arnstein Aassve, Professor at Department of Political Science, Bocconi University presented the paper:

"Never Forget the First Time: The Persistent Effects of Corruption and the Rise of Populism in Italy"
by Arnstein Aassve, Gianmarco Daniele and Marco Le Moglie - all from Bocconi University

The paper studies the long term impact of corruption on trust towards institutions. Previous studies have demonstrated that exposure to corruption may lower institutional trust in the short run. Whether those short term effects translate into a persistent effect is not known. We study the onset of a corruption shock that took place in Italy between 1992 and 1994. Using recent data from the Trustlab project, coordinated by the OECD, we find that young first time voters exposed to the corruption scandal still today, 25 years later, exert significantly lower institutional trust. A follow up survey reveals that their exposure to corruption also affected their current voting behavior, and ultimately their political preferences and ideological stance. In particular, those young first time voters exposed to the corruption were more likely to vote for populist parties at the 2018 national elections, to express less favourable opinions towards immigrants and to be more far-right extremist