DIGSSCORE Tuesday seminar

Tuesday lunch seminar: Gisela Böhm

Gisela Böhm, Department of Psychosocial Science - DICE Lab, UiB:

“Public perception of energy transition pathways”
Co-authored by Rouven Doran and Annika Rødeseike

Abstract of the presentation:

The public plays an important role in the question of whether the energy transition towards a low-carbon society can be successful. Individuals contribute to this transition in various roles, for example as consumers, house owners, employees, and voters. Thus, it is important to know how the public thinks about different pathways to energy transition.

We will present a study in which we explored the public perception of such pathways. We started out with a collection of 25 components of potential energy transition pathways (i.e., steps that can be taken towards energy transition; e.g., renewable energy systems, behavioral changes, policy measures). In a computer-administered lab survey among students (N=106), this collection was presented together with various measures of public perception, for example free associations and different evaluative tasks. Taken together, these measures provide a comprehensive evaluative map of the energy transition components.

 Results show that people have a mainly positive view on pathways to energy transition but are somewhat skeptical concerning their feasibility and efficacy. Implications for communication and policy making are discussed. 

A light lunch will be served.