Research seminar: DIGSSCORE Launch Event

The research seminar is held on Wednesday June 15th. For guests staying at the Solstrand Hotel there will be a breakfast before the morning session. 

09:00-10:00   -   Morning session

09:00 Paper 1

"Controlling Negative Bias towards Muslims in Western Europe: Comparative Survey Experiments on Majority Support for Islamic Schools"

Presenter: Robert Ford, Manchester
Co-authors: Scott Blinder, Amherst; Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Bergen; Maria Oskarsson, Gothenburg
Discussant: Chris Parker

09:30 Paper 2

"Asylum seekers in your neighborhood: Anticipating and experiencing the establishment of asylum seeker facilities in Norwegian local communities"

Presenter: Hege Høivik Bye, Bergen
Co-authors: Susanne Bygnes, Bergen. and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Bergen
Discussant: Leonie Huddy

10:00 Paper 3

"The Attitudinal Roots of the Norwegian Progress Party"

Presenter: Christopher Parker, University of Washington
Co-author: Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Bergen
Discussant: Stefan Dahlberg

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Paper 4

"The influence of polls on attitudes towards accepting Syrian refugees and other issues"

Presenter: Sveinung Arnesen, Bergen
Co-authors: Mikael Poul Johannesson, Bergen; Stefan Dahlberg, Gothenburg; and Jonas Linde, Bergen
Discussant: Annelies Blom

11:30 Paper 5

"The election campaign serves different purposes for different voters"

Presenter: Bjarte Folkestad, Uni Rokkan
Co-authors: Sveinung Arnesen, Bergen, and Mikael Johannesson, Bergen.
Discussant: Hilmar Mjelde

12:00 Paper 6 

"You'll Never Walk Alone: An Experimental study on Receiving Money"

Presenter: Sigve Tjøtta, Bergen
Discussant: Marcel Das

12:30 Lunch

13:30-15:30   -   Afternoon session

13:30 Paper 7

"Delaying the action: Climate Change as Distant Threat"

Presenter: Eva Kysela, Prague
Co-authors: Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Bergen,and Endre Tvinnereim, Uni Research
Discussant: Odd Gåsdal

14:00 Paper 8

"Dynamics of Opinion formation within a parliamentary multi-party system"

Presenter: Åsta Nordø; Bergen
Discussant: Robert Ford

14:30 Paper 9

"What should be done about climate change?"

Presenter: Endre Tvinnereim, UniRokkan
Co-authors: Åsta Dyrnes Nordø; Kjersti Fløttum, Mikael Poul Johanesson, Øyvind Gjerstad,  Lise Lund Bjånesøy (all University of Bergen)
Discussant: Ottar Hellevik

15:00 Paper 10

"Courts and Public Opinion"

Presenter: Malcolm Langford, University of Oslo and CMI
Discussant: Gisle Andersen

15:30 Closing remarks

16:00 Departure