DIGSSCORE Tuesday seminar

Linn Normand: Documenting the undocumented

Picture of Linn Normand
Linn Normand

Linn Anne Normand, Postdoctoral Fellow in History Didactics at the University of Stavanger will present work in progress:

‘Documenting the undocumented’: immigrant minority testimonios of lived experiences in America

This presentation is about an ongoing IRB-approved project at the University of California, Davis, entitled “Immigration narratives resisting anti-immigrant discourses in the US”. Through an anonymous online survey, Dr. Normand and her collaborator, Dr. Torreiro-Casal, are gathering narratives from immigrants in America – some of whom may otherwise be afraid to speak out due to their immigration status. Using the methodological approach of testimonios and participatory action research, the project goes beyond merely showcasing immigrant narratives and minority perspectives; it encourages first- and second-generation immigrant students at UC Davis to be intimately part of shaping their own research in a way that contributes to a social and intellectual movement that empowers and humanizes their communities’ experiences and narratives.


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