Research projects

LINGCLIM: Linguistic Representations of climate change discourse

Linguistic Representations of climate change discourse and their individual and collective interpretations

The LINGCLIM-project started in 2013, and has its own webpage here.

To what extent and in what way does language matter in climate change representations and interpretations?Climate change has in recent years moved from being mainly a physical phenomenon to being simultaneously a social, cultural and political phenomenon. At present, both individual and collective attitudes and behaviour seem an equally serious challenge in the climate issue as scientific knowledge of the phenomenon itself, and in this, language and communication are crucial. Language not only reflects and expresses, but also influences attitudes and behaviour, and thus constitutes a vital component of the cultural prerequisites underlying societal development. 

LINGCLIM will contribute to an improved knowledge base related to climate change knowledge in general and to humanistic perspectives on the climate issues in particular. The project will also contribute to a substantial methodological renewal through its multidisciplinary approach taking linguistics and discourse analysis as its point of departure and in collaboration with geophysical, psychological and political scientists.

The LINGCLIM-project had several parts, where an opinion survey, in the form of an online questionnaire, was carried out in collaboration with the more comprehensive Norwegian Citizens Panel, coordinated by LINGCLIM researcher Elisabeth IvarsflatenGisela BöhmEndre Tvinnereim and Kjersti Fløttum are also DIGSSCORE affiliated researchers participating in the LINGCLIM project,