New PhD thesis using the Norwegian Citizen Panel

Åsta Dyrnes Nordø defended her PhD-thesis, "Consistent citizens? Exploring and explaining mechanisms of opinion change", at the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, 20th of December 2020.

Picture of Nordø defending her thesis
Åsta Dyrnes Nordø and Åsa von Schoultz, second opponent
Erla Løvseth/DIGSSCORE

The thesis "Consistent Citizens? Exploring and Explaining Mechanisms of Opinion Change" consists of three articles, where all articles use longitudinal analysis from the Norwegian Citizen Panel. You can find and read the thesis at BORA UiB. The three articles are in revise and resubmit for the time being, but will be added to our webpages when they are published.

Nordø's defence was a highly interesting day for us DIGSSCORE researchers, where we saw data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel being used and discussed a whole day. Nordø did a great job defending her thesis, and the opponents gave both praise, interesting questions and some of the obligatory critisism.

We look forward to follow Nordø's career further, she has already started working as a researcher at NORCE.