DIGSSCORE Tuesday seminar

Tuesday lunch seminar: Ingrid Faleide

Foto av Ingrid K. Faleide
Ingrid Faleide

Ingrid Kvåle Faleide, Master's student at the Department of Comparative Politics, will present her thesis today:

Norwegian citizens (still) support a European system of responsibility sharing for the reception of asylum applicants

Four years after the unprecedented influx of refugees to Europe in 2015/16, Europe still only has temporary solutions for refugee protection. The current regulations of the Common European Asylum System are not capable of handling another influx of refugees like that of 2015/2016. The negotiations for a reform have stagnated, despite ongoing debate since 2016. Asylum seekers keep crossing the Mediterranean, and in pursuit of solutions, political tension appears strong. 

Do citizens in Norway support a European system of sharing responsibility for the reception of asylum applicants? A study conducted in the early spring of 2016 found that they do. Was this a result of the crisis Europe found itself in the midst of, or do these views persist? This thesis is a follow-up study, meaning that a direct replication is combined with new elements.

Data collected through a survey experiment in the Norwegian Citizen Panel Wave 16 (fall 2019) replicate the finding that a majority of Norwegians would support a European system of responsibility sharing for asylum applicants. This majority support is weakened, but persists, even among respondents who were made aware that such an allocation system would result in more asylum applicants to Norway. 

A light lunch will be served.