New Sub-Population Panel: The Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators

DIGSSCORE is now running a new panel in a sub-population of importance for the structure of democratic governance.

Facsimile from Stat & Styring, 3/2020 (Volume 30)

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In the latest issue of Stat & Styring, Tobias Bach, Jarle Trondal and Jacob Aars introduce The Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators. The article's title goes along the lines of "The struggle against the survey monster begins". It explains the basic idea and key principles, how the panel is piloted and ran, research topics and issues, and how this panel will contribute to better and more relevant research. 

The Panel of Public Administrators represents a new approach to the collection of research data on public administrators' functioning. The panel will provide more current and relevant knowledge and thus also provide a more solid basis for decision-making in politics and administration.

"The survey monster" has been addressed in an earlier issue of Stat & Styring.

- There are too many, uncoordinated surveys being sent to public administrators. They have too few respondents, and the results are to a small extent, or not at all, available to other researchers, Renå & Trondal (1, 2017) state.

In this article, Bach, Trondal & Aars present the establishment of Norsk forvaltningspanel (NFP). The first survey will be fielded in October/November this year. If you read Norwegian, you can find the full article at Idunn

More information about the panel is available through NFP's Norwegian site