DIGSSCORE Tuesday webinar

Kiran Auerbach: Geography, Social Identities, and Polarization in Norway

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Kiran Auerbach, postdoctoral fellow from the Department of Comparative Politics will hold a 20-minute presentation. 


The rise of the Center Party and the decline of the Labor Party in recent elections points to a major shift in partisan attachment in Norwegian politics. What explains such party realignments? Our project investigates the salience of geographic characteristics on political attitudes and voting behavior. Leveraging data from the Norwegian Citizen Panel, we investigate differences in political preferences and attitudes between urban versus rural citizens, as well as citizens in central cities versus peripheral areas. We present preliminary data from wave 18 and upcoming questions for wave 19. We aim to test whether geographic attributes manifest as distinct social identities and whether there is evidence of polarization between citizens from rural versus urban areas and those located in central versus peripheral areas of the country. Finally, we plan two experiments to test whether these geographic identities affect how citizens evaluate public policies, politicians, and whether they affect voting behavior.