Trond Mohn Foundation

TMS impressed by DIGSSCORE's final report

Trond Mohn Foundation, who gave DIGSSCORE a significant 5-year grant back in 2016, has written a generous article on our results. Read about our achievements here.

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In this article (available in Norwegian only), the Trond Mohn Foundation gives an account of what we have achieved here at DIGSSCORE over the past five years. Trond Mohn Foundation's contribution back in 2016 made DIGSSCORE the largest initiative for social sciences at a Norwegian university.

We are humble and proud to be described as "one of the research locomotives in the social sciences" and "a powerhouse for interdisciplinary and topical research" at UiB. We also appreciate the kind words given by our dean, Jan Erik Askildsen, and rector Margareth Hagen, as recounted in the article.

Thanks to the Trond Mohn Foundation and UiB we have been able to

  • Establish 6 research units
  • Offer data to 37 external projects
  • Give 23 MA-students the chance to collect their own data
  • Play a part in 18 PhDs
  • Grant 10 master stipends
  • Hold more than 100 presentations, key-notes and lectures
  • Contribute to 82 peer reviewed articles and 5 books
  • Host 30 international guests from 7 countries
  • Be present in 150 news articles
  • Apply for NFR’s
    • “Research Infrastructure of National Importance” with KODEM
    • “Norwegian Centres of Excellence scheme” with DISCONNECT
    • “The Centres for Research-based Innovation scheme” with MediaFutures
  • Become national coordinator of ESS – European Social Survey
  • Receive extended funding for four more years from UiB

We are thankful for each and everyone’s contribution over the past six years and are excited for the next four to come.