Stefan Dahlberg & Sofie Blombäck: Swedish Parliamentary Election 2022

Stefan Dahlberg and Sofie Blombäck

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Stefan Dahlberg, professor at Mid Sweden University and scientific coordinator of the Norwegian Citizen Panel, and Sofie Blombäck, senior lecturer in political science at Mid Sweden University, will give a 30-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. The event is in a hybrid format, you are welcome to join us for lunch from the Corner room at DIGSSCORE. Food is provided on a first-come first-served basis.



One of the largest changes in Swedish politics over the past decade has been the break up and subsequent reformation of the political blocs. When the Sweden Democrats were elected for the first time in 2010 the formerly stable left wing and right wing blocs were challenged, which lead to unprecedented difficulties in forming and maintaining governing coalitions. This tension has characterized the past two electoral periods in particular. Before the 2022 elections, however, it was clear that a new block, which included the Sweden Democrats, had formed on the right. It is also clear that neither of the two “teams” around the main candidates for prime minister are particularly united. We will discuss the development of the Swedish party system, and what the effects the changing alliances has on the upcoming government formation process.



Zoom link for digital attendance.