The first results from the pilot project Coordinated Online Panels are published

The pilot project KODEM_DEMO utilized the new national infrastructure KODEM for research on Norwegian democracy and governance. The first results have now been published in a special issue of Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift (The Norwegian Journal for Political Science).

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In the fall of 2020, DIGSSCORE, in collaboration with researchers from all over Norway, created a new digital infrastructure that would facilitate coordinated research on the core institutions of the Norwegian democracy. This infrastructure consists of four panels from four key populations of the executive chain in Norway. These are:

  • The Panel of Elected Representatives, for elected politicians,
  • the Panel of Public Administrators, for employees of the central administration of Norway,
  • the Panel of Journalists, for journalists and editors, and
  • the Citizen Panel, which consists of residents aged 18 and over randomly drawn from the Norwegian Population Registry.

Together, they make up the infrastructure Coordinated Online Panels for Research on Democracy and Governance, also known as KODEM.

The aim of these coordinated online panels is to carry out simultaneous and coordinated surveys on these populations, and further gain new knowledge about Norwegian democracy and governance. The KODEM_DEMO pilot project has now been completed, and the results are presented in a series of articles in a special issue of Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift (Vol.38) (The Norwegian Journal for Political Science).

"The prerequisites for research in the social sciences change fundamentally in the digital world. (...) The special issue shows examples of certain selected research questions that we will be better able to answer through the KODEM infrastructure"

— Anne Lise Fimreite and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten in Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift (translated).

The introduction to the special issue can be read in Norwegian here: Nye perspektiver på det norske demokratiets kjerneinstitusjoner

The articles in the special issue (in Norwegian with English abstracts):

Why do we need a new infrastructure for public administration research in Norway?
Bach, Trondal, Aars, Lindén, Martinussen, Winswold

Geographic consciousness among voters, local politicians and public administrators
Auerbach, Dahl, Eidheim, Fimreite

Is geographical representation in the Supreme Court important? Attitudes among population and elites in the center and the periphery of Norway
Skiple, Misje, Grendstad

Attitudes and perceptions of attitudes toward inclusion of Muslim minorities

Elites and partisan news: Investigating hostile media perceptions amongst citizens, politicians and journalists
Kolltveit, Karlsen, Figenschou

Technology will save the climate! Attitudes towards Norwegian climate policy in four social groups
Nordø, Andersen, Merk
(Part of the KODEM_DEMO issue, but published in Vol.39 of NST)