The Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators

The Norwegian Panel of Public Administrators (Norsk forvaltningspanel) is an internet-based study of public administrators. The study deals with matters that are important to society, public administrators and democracy.

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The Panel of Public Administrators, Norsk forvaltningspanel, was first fielded in 2020, as part of KODEM_DEMO, a coordinated wave for representatives, politicians, public administrators and journalists. The panel currently consists of about 2000 active participants from the central public administration. We have plans to expand also to the local public administration in the future. Panel members complete an online questionnaire about two times per year, of 15 minutes each.

The panel is initiated and run by researchers from the leading research universities and institutions in Norway and is a non-profit project that aims to serve research goals. So far the aim has been to recruit central parts of the Norwegian bureaucracy. The plan is for this to expand also to local government.

In some waves we field coordinated questions for three panels, so we get information on both politicians, public administrators and the general public (KODEM light).

Data from the Panel of Public Administrators are available for use in research and education, by application to DIGSSCORE and through SAFE, the secure access to research data and e-infrastructure at the University of Bergen.

Read more about data, field periods, methodology and conditions of use here.