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Postponed: PhD-course on survey experiments

The PhD course ‘Survey experiments: Design and data analysis’ was planned to be held at DIGSSCORE May 2020. Due to the covid 19-situation, we now plan to arrange the course in May 2022.

PhD course Mike Tomz
Picture from the PhD course in 2017. In 2020, the course will be held in a larger room to better accommodate the candidates.
Erla Løvseth

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The experimental method is gaining ground in various disciplines, including political science, communication science, sociology and economics. The course is designed for PhD students who plan to use survey experiments as a part of their dissertation research. The course will help students design and analyze survey experiments that will launch their careers.

The course will be taught by Michael Tomz, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. Tomz is an award-winning lecturer and a leading scholar of public opinion and survey experiments, fielding survey experiments in several countries.

The course will (probably, plans for 2022 might differ from the ones that were in 2020) be held before the Bergen-Gothenburg-Barcelona Workshop on Experimental Political Science. Course participants are welcome to attend the BGB workshop.

To apply, submit a cover letter stating why you want to participate, describe your previous experience (if any) with survey experiments and statistical packages, and summarize the status of your PhD project. Include a CV and dissertation abstract (max. 1 page).

Participants taking the course for credit as part of their PhD program will be given priority. If space permits, other participants will be accepted and invited to take the course. Such participants should submit a cover letter and a CV.

Application deadline will be announced. Those that were offered a place in the course in 2020 will be prioritized in 2022, if they are still PhD candidates. Everyone, including those prioritized, will need to apply for the course again.

Each participant who successfully completes the course will be granted either 10 ECTS (requires participation in the course, a 5000-word paper, and participation at the Bergen-Gothenburg-Barcelona Workshop) or 7.5 ECTS (requires participation in the course and a 5000-word paper).

The program and reading list will be published closer to the course.

Write to digsscore@uib.no