PhD-course on survey experiments

4. - 6. May 2020 a PhD course on survey experiments will be held at DIGSSCORE.

PhD course Mike Tomz
Picture from the PhD course in 2017
Erla Løvseth


The PhD course ‘Survey experiments: Design and data analysis’ aims to help PhD students and graduate students who plan to use experimental design as a part of their dissertation. The experimental method is gaining ground and is relevant for various disciplines, as political science, communication science, sociology and economics. The intention of the course is to help PhD students conduct and design major studies that will launch their careers.

The course will be held in combination with the Bergen-Gothenburg-Barcelona Workshop on Experimental Political Science, and provides an opportunity for PhD-students and early career scholars to exchange experiences during three intense days with input from an invited lecturer, Mike Tomz, Professor in the Department of Political Science at Stanford University. 

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This course was also arranged in 2017, you can read about it here.