The DIGUiB-programme
The DigUiB programme


The DigUiB programme is the University of Bergen's focus on new digital solutions. We develop, test and introduce digital support solutions and useful tools for education and communication

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DigUiB was formally established on 12 February 2014. At present, the programme has three main projects: digital evaluation, a new learning platform and a digital learning and communication lab. 

Why is DigUiB important?

Information technology is having a profound influence on daily life at the university. Thirty years ago, nobody knew what personal computers and the Internet were, while today's students expect to use digital aids as an increasingly natural part of their everyday work. The University of Bergen wishes to promote good understanding and pedagogical use of digital educational technology at the University.


The programme is coordinated by a steering committee in charge of the implementation of the projects. The steering committee is chaired by the Vice-Rector for Education, Oddrun Samdal. Mathilde Holm and Marianne Huse head the administration of the programme.

Each project has advisory committees composed of academic, technical and administrative staff from different faculties and administrative units, as well as student representatives. The mandate of these committees is to ensure that service provision under the DigUiB programme is always academically relevant, and that further development of the programme is based on the academic needs of students and staff.  

The programme has three main projects: