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Recording of lectures (Videonotes)

Recorded lectures (videonotes) will give the students a chance to review lectures or function as a personal aid in preparing for seminars , assignments and exams.

Screendump of videonotes. The student can choose to see one or both videos, and zoom in on each video.
Screendump of videonotes. The student can choose to see one or both videos, and zoom in on each video.

A videonote is a recording of a lecture that gathers audio, video and images from a projector in one view.  Fixed equipment and automatic processing lets the teacher focus on teaching, rather then technical issues.

The university of Bergen has fixed equipment for videorecordings of lectures in a range of rooms. Only courses in MittUiB can use Videonotes, for other needs see services for livestream.


How it works


Book your recording

Series of lectures and courses should also be planned and booked in rooms with fixed recording equipment.

To book a recording of a lecture, the teachers can enter the planning page of "Videonotat" in the courses in Mitt UiB. Changes can aslo be made through this page.

During the lecture

Recordings are pre-programmed to run automatically. It will start one minutes after the lecture starts and will end when the lecture is scheduled to be over. 

Please note! Teachers need to use a microphone to get audio with the recording. If the teacher wants to be visible in the recording, she should try to stand in front of the blackboards in the room. The camera is fixed in one position and will not follow movement or zoom in/out during the recording. The students will be able to zoom into the videos in the player.

Accessing and sharing the recording 

All recordings are available for the students when pushing "Videonotat" in Mitt UiB. Teachers can unpublish recorded lectures from the planning page.


IT-assistants at the faculties are available to give support on site, with microphones or other equipment in the rooms. Other queries should be registred to DigUiB via Issuetracker.


Rooms with fixed recording equipment


These rooms have fixed recording equipment: 

  • JU: Auditorium 1, Dragefjellet
  • JU: Auditorium 2, Dragefjellet
  • JU: Seminarrom 2, Dragefjellet
  • MN: Auditorium 1, Realfagsbygget
  • MN: Auditorium 2, Realfagsbygget
  • MN: Auditorium 3, Realfagsbygget
  • MN: Auditorium 4, Realfagsbygget
  • MN: Auditorium 5, Realfagsbygget
  • MN: Auditiorium A, Allégaten 66
  • MN: Stort auditorium, Høyteknologisenteret
  • MO: Auditorium 1, BB-bygget
  • MO: Auditorium Cavum, Odontologibygget
  • SV: Stort auditorium, Lauritz Meltzers hus
  • SV: Lite auditorium, Lauritz Meltzers hus
  • HF: Auditorium A, Sydneshaugen skole
  • HF: Auditorium B, Sydneshaugen skole 
  • PS: Auditorium 129, Bjørn Christiansens hus
  • PS: Auditorium 128, Bjørn Christiansens hus 
  • Egget, Studentsenteret