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DIPA (Discretion and Paternalism)

DIPA is one of the research groups at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, and is part of the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism.

DIPA focuses on the relationship between the state and its citizens, especially the exercise of state power and the justifications thereof. Key research themes include discretion, paternalism, strategies of legitimacy, policymaking, globalization, childrens rights and welfare systems.

Our current projects collect data from Africa and the Americas, as well as Europe.

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Read about our new Master's course AORG325

New interdisciplinary course
Course coordinator Marit Skivenes lecturing.

Challenges of the modern welfare state

The course “Discretion and Paternalism” is a unique opportunity for students interested in research on power, the welfare state and decision-making, says Professor Marit Skivenes.

Iraqi children playing, used as part of an article about the opening of a new child care research centre at the University of Bergen (UiB).

Millions awarded to child welfare research

Professor Marit Skivenes has received 10 million Norwegian kroner from the Research Council of Norway for her research on child care. The new grant is part of her new research centre, which will bring together world-class researchers in the field of law, child protection and children's rights.

Professor Marit Skivenes at the University of Bergen, Norway

Innovative child welfare research leads to EU grant

Professor Marit Skivenes has been awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant for the research project DISCRETION. She receives the grant to conduct ground-breaking research on discretionary decision-making in child protection systems.


Our group meetings take place on Thursdays from 14.15-15.45. Master’s students are welcome to all meetings. You can find this semester’s program here.

Some of the meetings are organized as a collaboration between the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism, the Centre on Law and Social Transformation and the research group "Law, Democracy and Welfare"Western Norway University College.


From spring 2019, the DIPA Research Group will hold responsibility for the new Master's course AORG325: Discretion and Paternalism. The course is interdiciplinary, and open for students at the Faculties of Social Sciences, Psychology and Law.


Interested researchers and students can contact research group leader Prof. Marit Skivenes.