Examen philosophicum

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Descartes' famous dictum

Examen philosophicum is a mandatory introductory course in philosophy for all Bachelor students at the University of Bergen. Teaching and learning material are in Norwegian.

Questions about ex.phil.? Please contact exphil@uib.no.

Exemption from examen philosophicum?

If you have completed an undergraduate degree at another Norwegian or foreign institution you may apply for formal exemption from Examen philosophicum at the University of Bergen. Note that you still need 180 credits to complete your degree.

If you have completed Examen Philosophicum at another Norwegian institution you may apply for this to be included in your degree at the University of Bergen.

If you have completed a faculty variant of Examen Philosophicum at the University of Bergen, you will receive credit even if you switch to a program of study at another faculty of the University of Bergen. You can add this into your study plan in Studentweb.

For information about how to apply for exemption or equivalency visit the informationcenter at your Faculty.
Remember to bring the original transcript from your study.