Troll i ord - Japanese Translation Competition

Join a competition for the best translation from Japanese to Nordic languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Icelandic), and win great prizes!

Apekatt sitter på gaten ikledd en vest
Are you currently studying or have you studied Japanese? Are you interested in Japanese literature? You are welcome participate in this translation competition of the Japanese classic masterpiece "Utsubozaru" from the Kyogen tradition.

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Are you currently studying or have you studied Japanese? Are you interested in Japanese literature?

Then you are welcome to participate in this translation competition at the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen.

A Japanese classic masterpiece, "Utsubozaru" from the Kyogen tradition, is to be translated into Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Icelandic. 

"Kyogen" is a traditional performing art that dates back to around 650 years ago, during the Muromachi period. In the story of "Utsubozaru," a feudal lord requests a monkey trainer to use the skin of his monkey to make a quiver for his arrows. However, when the monkey performs a graceful dance, the lord is so moved by the monkey's innocence that he changes his mind and allows the monkey to participate in his parade.


The text to be translated is "Utsubozaru". The response can be written in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, or Icelandic.


Submission deadline: 31 January, 2024. Please submit the document via this scheme.


  1. The competition is open to current and former Japanese students at universities or high schools in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.
  2. Professional translators and individuals with Japanese as their native language cannot participate in the competition.
  3. Participation is limited to one entry per participant. The entry will be submitted to the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Icelandic section.
  4. The translator's name should not be visible in the submitted translation. 


Prizes will be awarded to the top 15 translations, three to Norwegian students, three to Swedish students, three to Finnish students, three to Danish students and three to Icelandic students. The 15 winners will receive a gift card worth approximately 1000 NOK at a bookstore and a copy of the translated book, "Utsubozaru." The winners will also receive feedback from the professional translators on the text they have submitted.

Announcement of results: end of April 2024

You can look in the book, click on the picture:

Former winners



  • Ellen Haugan (Universitetet i Oslo)
  • Egil Ytterli Tokle (NTNU)
  • Kristine Gunstvedt (Universitetet i Oslo)


  • Madeleine Olausson (Högskolan Dalarna)
  • Arina Mescheryakova (Stockholm universitet)
  • Tove Bjerg (Högskolan Dalarna)


  • Samppa Luoma-Halkola (Högskolan Dalarna)
  • Eetu-Antti Hartikainen (Universitetet i Helsinki)
  • Kosti Vanninen (Universitetet i Helsinki)



  • Kjersti Løfsgaard (Universitetet i Oslo)
  • Ellen Haugan (Universitetet i Oslo)
  • Sivert Dagenborg (NTNU)


  • Elin Karhunen (Högskolan Dalarna)
  • Hedvig Berndes (Göteborgs Universitet)
  • Madeleine Olausson (Högskolan Dalarna)



  • Joel Fredriksson (Lunds Universitet)
  • Lena Källsten (Högskolan Dalarna)

Picture book

  • Hannes Lindgren (Göteborgs Universitet)
  • Joel Fredriksson (Lunds Universitet)
  • Björn Lóránt (Göteborgs Universitet)



  • Emilia Andersson (Göteborgs Universitet)
  • Matilda Fahlström (Göteborgs Universitet)
  • Axel Bergman Engman (Lunds Universitet)

Picture book

  • Lena Källsten (Högskolan Dalarna)
  • Markus Nurmimäki (Göteborgs Universitet)
  • Björn Lóránt (Göteborgs Universitet)

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