Drawn to the Norwegian way

Iryna is taking a master's degree in public administration and sees great future career opportunities for herself.

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One of the advantages is that the class sizes are not big, so it’s easier for students to take part in discussions and ask questions during the lectures and seminars.

– We have a few international master's students in my class, but we have room for more. I like the positive and open culture for foreign students, says Iryna Kryvko.

Iryna is one of the international students at the master's programme in public administration at the University of Bergen

One of the best cities in Europe

Iryna moved to Bergen in 2014, and applied for a master in Bergen a year later.

– I’m enjoying living here as it is one of the best cities in Europe with authentic culture and marvelous sightseeing places, says Iryna.

We meet her in the museum gardens at UiB, Musèhagen, where she has been working during the summer.

– This place is so peaceful and historical, and also so social. I love that students sit there to have lunch and to study.

The Norwegian way

Iryna enjoys the Norwegian way of learning.

– The most important thing is that the learning environment inspires students to work on their own and be independent. One of the advantages is that the class sizes are not big, so it’s easier for students to take part in discussions and ask questions during the lectures and seminars.

The master’s programme in public administration concentrates on developing critical skills and helps students to enrich knowledge with methodological techniques for conducting their own research.

– I like the practical aspect of the seminars lead by the experienced teachers, where we had to present our research propositions.  I have enhanced my knowledge about the relationship between politics and administration and between the formulation and implementation of public policy, says Iryna.

See career opportunities

Iryna looked through master's degree programmes taught in English, and found that the master’s programme in public administration suited her very well.

– I’m interested in administration and organisation and I have a relevant academic background in political science. So I want to develop my knowledge as I see great career opportunities for myself after the master’s degree, she says.

Help to find a career

Iryna Kryvko thinks that the University of Bergen gave her a warm welcome. 

– Our group consists of students from all over the world. Actually, most of the international students are here on exchange programmes, so in the beginning I was a little bit concerned about the differences in age and work experience.

Unlike most master’s students, Iryna also have quite a lot of working experience.

– I graduated in Kiev in 2007 and have been working in commercial branches since then. So I had almost forgotten what's it's like to be a student and prepare for seminars or exams. The social and academic environment is quite different in Bergen than in my home country, says the 32-year-old student.

UiB offers a lot of social events as well as professional seminars that are available for all students.

– I really enjoyed all the opportunities, but for me personally the Sammen Career and Counselling is the most useful. The centre is so practical and I have been taking some courses there already.

Plans for the future

Her master’s thesis is about election and how political parties mobilise immigrant voters. To find answers to this Iryna has visited political representatives in Bergen. 

– My future plan is first to finish my degree. I'm going to do my fieldwork in the Bergen area. After finishing my thesis, I want to find work within public administration in Bergen municipality.



1. Mount Ulriken

2. Mount Fløyen

3. KODE Art Museum in Bergen

4. Muséhagen