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Nature at your doorstep

The University of Bergen offers the unique opportunity to access nature virtually at its doorstep.

Students hiking on Mount Ulriken
When living in Bergen you're surrounded by beautiful nature.
Eivind Senneset

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Bergen is situated between the mountains and the sea and offers opportunities whether you are a budding geologist who wants to live among the phenomena you study or just someone who wants easy access to hiking to decompress from your studies.  

Many UiB students express the value of the university’s natural setting:

 "The spectacular natural environment in Norway piqued my curiosity as a biologist”
- Aurélien Delaval, master's programme in biology

“As a university city, Bergen has a unique status worldwide. Just a few hundred meters outside our department we can study geological phenomena that you must travel several hundred kilometres for at another university.”
- Johannes Wiest, master's programme in earth science

 “The mountains are enjoyable at any time and offer many different routes to the top and change completely with every season, so that they never get boring and can always be used to escape the daily life. Løvstakken is my favourite one as it has a prefect height for a small trip, offers a great view and is not as crowded as Fløyen.”
- Nadine Steiger, master's programme in meteorology and oceanography

“I love that Bergen is so clean and green. You don't have to travel to experience nature and mountains.”
- Iryna Kryvko, master's programme in public administration

"It's a unique experience to walk straight out of the city centre into such a beautiful landscape with high mountains and a view over the fjords and ocean. I can highly recommend Bergen!"
Artur Rubinat Lacuesta, master’s programme in public administration