UiB is most cited in Norway

Norwegian research is becoming increasingly cited and research from the University of Bergen is in a class of its own.

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UNIVERSITY OF BERGEN - BEST IN NORWAY: The University of Bergen is the Norwegian university that does best when it comes to citations. This means that the research conducted at the University of Bergen has a major impact, both nationally and internationally.
Eivind Senneset

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In Norway, it is the University of Bergen's (UiB) researchers who are most often cited by other researchers worldwide.

This is shown in the figures from a report presented by the Research Council of Norway on 19 October 2016. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the status and development of activities within research, innovation, science and technology.

One of the indicators highlighted in the report is citations, i.e. scientific publications referencing other scientific articles.

Indicator for research quality

The national average for citations is 138, but the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo stand out with a citation index of 151 and 149 respectively.

 "Citations are considered one of the best indicators of research quality," Arvid Hallén, CEO of the Research Council of Norway told NRK (the largest media organisation in Norway).

"The figures for the University of Bergen are exceptionally good. We already knew that we do well when it comes to citations, but it is great to know that this is confirmed by the figures from the Research Council of Norway”, says the Rector at the University of Bergen, Dag Rune Olsen.

Increasingly cited

Research from the University of Bergen has been increasingly cited in recent years, according to the index report.

"We can see that the University of Bergen does well when it comes to citations and this is also shown by international rankings such as Times Higher Education, where we are often among the top 100 when it comes to the impact of research," the Rector says.

As a nation, Norway still has some way to go before it catches up with the countries that do best when it comes to citations, such as Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark. Only Oslo and Bergen are ranked among the very best.

An international university

The University of Bergen is also the university in Norway with the greatest involvement in international collaboration. In 2014, 63 per cent of the articles published by the University of Bergen were created in collaboration with international researchers, according to the report.

"The fact that the University of Bergen is in the top spot in Norway shows that our research falls within the top echelon internationally,” says the Rector.

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