Planning your arrival

As an international student planning to come to UiB, you may be interested in some guidance on preparing for your stay in Bergen.

Scheduling and booking

Planning your Arrival

Below are some practicalities to consider when deciding when to arrive in Bergen.

What date will you arrive?

  • If you will be staying in student housing: It may be beneficial to arrive as close to the beginning of the housing contract (1 August) as possible.
  • Consider important dates (such as when your classes start) as well as attending the Welcome Programme.
  • Think about if you want to explore Bergen or travel in Norway before your semester kicks off.

What time of day will you arrive?

  • In order to receive your keys for student housing, you must check in at the Sammen Information desk at the Student Centre (see Step 5: Arrival in Bergen for directions). You can only do this during the opening hours. If you arrive when the Sammen Information desk is closed, you will need to provide for your own accommodation until you can check in at the Sammen Information desk during opening hours. The Sammen Information desk normally has extended opening hours a couple of days before the Welcome Programme starts.
  • The directions on the Arrivals page can be helpful for public transit options coming into the city regardless of your specific circumstances. Generally, the two easiest options for traveling from the airport into the centre are:
  • Detailed PDF directions are linked in the Arrivals page. You can also take a cab, but it is significantly more expensive.