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University Admission for refugees

The University of Bergen welcomes refugees to apply for admission. On this website you will find study offers for refugees, and other relevant information for prospective students.

Refugees at an open meeting at The University of Bergen.
Ole Friele, UiB

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UiB offers a range of study options for refugees the autumn semester of 2023. Explore our courses and programmes below. 

Introduction Courses in Norwegian language 

We are currently in the process of creating new introduction courses in Norwegian language for refugees. Please check this website for updates, including application deadlines and documentation requirements. 

Advanced Courses in Norwegian language

If you already know some Norwegian, you may apply for advanced courses. The next courses starts in August 2023, and the application deadline is 5 june. 


NOR-U2 Norwegian Language and Culture for Foreign Language Students, level 2

NOR-U3 Norwegian Language and Culture for Foreign Language Students, level 3

If you have passed NOR-U3 at UiB with a grade of C or better, you may apply for admission to NOR-U4.

Login - Søknadsweb (fsweb.no)

Lectures are offered during daytime only.

Applicants who have not completed a Norwegian course at the university previously, must take a placement test. The test is for use in applicant placement only. 

Admission Requirements

All applicants must be able to document an educational background as specified in the GSU-list, except English language requirements. Please look up your country here: Nokut - GSU-list. All documents must be translated to English or a Nordic language, and uploaded to your application in the application portal. Additionally all applicants must document refugee status. You will find more information about this in the application portal. 

Please see the following site for more information: Norwegian Language Courses at UiB. Refugees must follow the application procedures for external applicants.  

English for Academic Purposes 

The University of Bergen offers courses in English for Academic purposes. This is an advanced course in English to qualify students who have a B1-level of proficiency for a B2-level exam. Refugees may sign up to follow the course in the spring, summer or autumn semester. The course will be completed with a 4-hour written exam. 

Admission to the autumn semester opens 25. May, and you may apply through the Application portal

The application deadline for the summer semester is 1. July, and the course starts 4. september. Applicants who fulfill the formal requirements must pass a placement test held 2 June in order to qualify for the course. The course will be completed with a written exam on 23 November.  

Please note that the English for Academic purposes course only qualifies for admission to single courses and master's degrees at the University of Bergen. The course does not qualify for admission to bachelor's or professional degrees, or master's degrees at other universities in Norway. 

Admission requirements

We do not require any specific documentation for applicants to the English for Academic purposes course, but all applicants must document refugee status and pass the placement test. We also encourage you to upload relevant educational documentation to the application portal, but this is not mandatory. 

Sign up for exam only

If you wish to apply for study offers at UiB with a language knowledge requirement, such as single courses or a master's degree, you may sign up for the exam in English for academic purposes even if you have not followed the course. If you pass the exam, you are qualified for the English requirement for admission to single courses or master's degrees at the University of Bergen. 

To sign up for the exam, please fill out the following webform: Sign up for exam in English for academic purposes.

The next exam is held 7 August. 

Single courses

UiB offers a wide selection of single courses taught in English to refugees. 

You will find information about available courses and application procedures for the autumn semester of 2023 on this site

Please note that while single courses may be used as part of a degree at a later point, the courses will not by themselves lead to a degree.

Master's degrees

UiB offers a wide range of master’s degrees taught in English, starting in August 2023. In the links below you will find an overview of the degrees offered and admission requirements:

If you wish to apply for a master's degree you must contact us using this webform. Please note that we will ask you to document refugee status before we process your application. 

Professional and bachelor's degrees

Most of our undergraduate and professional degrees are taught in Norwegian and requires Norwegian language proficiency. The exemption is a small selection of bachelor’s degrees at the Faculty of Fine art, Music and Design, where the application deadline was 15 April. 

If you want to study undergraduate degrees, including professional programmes such as medicine, law, psychology or dentistry, you must be able to document Norwegian language proficiency in addition to other documentation requirements. Read more at the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service.