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Here you can see and apply for the individual courses UiB offers you as a refugee this fall.

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Courses offered

In the course list for the autumn semester 2022 you will find a detailed overview of all the courses available for refugees. 

All courses require the following for admission: 

  • Higher secondary school certificate / High school diploma or higher education at university level
  • English language proficiency at B2 level
  • Status as refugee
  • Some courses may require previous academic knowledge, please read the course description pages for detailed information. 
  • Please note that all single courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences require secondary school specialisation in mathematics and natural sciences OR relevant specialisation in mathematics and natural sciences at undergraduate level.  

Selecting courses

Not sure about which courses or how many credits you should apply for? We advise you to read the information given below before you register your application.

Course types - open and restricted

The University of Bergen (UiB) offers two different categories of courses to refugees:

Open courses:
  • May be taken across different faculties and departments.
  • Faculty approval is not required.
  • Previous knowledge may be required (check course requirements).
Restricted courses:
  • Admission cannot be guaranteed. Faculty approval is required.
  • Previous knowledge and relevant academic background is required (check course requirements).

Please note: 

  • You can take courses at more than one faculty, provided that you meet the required/recommended previous knowledge.
  • The relevant faculty/department will consider whether you can be accepted to restricted courses during the application process, or if you can be granted admission later.

How to apply for courses

You apply for single courses at Søknadsweb by the applicaiton deadline 1 August.

We advise you to read carefully the required and recommended previous knowledge for each restricted course you wish to apply for. Contact the relevant department, if necessary (available in the course descriptions), or admission@uib.no.

Course descriptions and workload

Key content in the course descriptions:

  • ECTS credits: Tells you how many ECTS credits you are awarded for each course. A full work load for one semester is 30 ECTS credits in total.
  • Teaching semester: Tells you whether the course is taught in autumn and/or spring.
  • Course code:
    • 100-level: Bachelor's level courses.
    • 200-level: Can be included at both bachelor's and master's level.
    • 300-level: Master's level courses.
  • Number of semesters: Tells you if a course runs over 1 or 2 semesters.
  • Language: Tells you which language the course is taught in.
  • Resources:
    • Schedule: Tells you when there are lectures and seminars/workshops. The schedules are released on 1 June for the autumn semester, and 1 December for the spring semester.
    • Reading list: Lists the course literature for the current semester.
  • Select semester: To make sure you get the most recent information, you can choose autumn 2022 in the menu on the right.

Normal workload per semester:

A full semester workload in Norway is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. We recommend students to plan for approximately this number of credits per semester. You do not have to ask UIB for permission if you wish take more than 30 ECTS.

Grading scale

The official grading system in Norway is based on the ECTS grading scale. "A-E are passing grades" and "F is Fail". 

Some courses will also be graded in the "Pass/Fail" scale with only two results. The scale is not connected to the letter grades, and the exam result (pass/fail), will not be converted in connection with recognition.

Detailed information about the the Norwegian Education system and grading scale is available here. 

The University of Bergen will not convert students credits and grades in connection with recognition in other institutions.

All transcripts will include a full description of the criteria for each grade.

UIB campus locations

City Campus

These faculties are all located in the city centre, within walking distance from each other.

Møllendal Campus

Located in Møllendal, outside the city centre

Health Campus

Located at UIB's health campus at Årstadvollen, outside the city centre and close to Haukeland University Hospital.

For more information about how to get around the diffent campus see Arrival and directions page.