Norad's Programme for Master Studies (NOMA) is a programme for providing financial support to develop and run Master's degree programmes in the South through collaboration between local and Norwegian higher education institutions.

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The programmes's overall objectives include:

  • Supporting the development of Master's programmes at higher education institutions in the South through close collaboration with higher education institutions in Norway, in accordance with national needs.
  • Achieving, in the longer term, sustainable capacity of institutions in the South to provide the national workforce with adequate qualifications within selected academic fields of study.

UiB is involved in nine projects with universities in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Malawi, Mosambique, Nepal, Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia through the NOMA programme, which allows students to take a Master's degree at their home university through a twinning scheme with the University of Bergen.

For more information about NORADs NOMA-programme, see SIU.