Verification of UiB Education

Do you need a verification of the validity of a Diploma or Transcript of Records from the University of Bergen?

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Employers and others who require confirmation of the authenticity of a degree Diploma or a Transcript of Records from UiB, can send an e-mail to: studentrecords@uib.no 

Please include the following information in the request:

  • the student’s complete name, including any former names, and date of birth
  • degree awarded
  • the year degree was awarded
  • the student's signature to authorise release of the information
  • a scanned copy of the document (if available)

Please note: In accordance with general privacy regulations UiB may not release student information beyond that which is described here.

Verification of UiB Education:
Due to the summer holidays, the staff is reduced in the second half of July and the days around Christmas. We apologize that issues to studentrecords@uib.no might be delayed in this period.