Evaluation of general admission requirements

You can apply to have your education evaluated in order to determine whether you fulfill the general admission (“generell studiekompetanse”) requirements and are eligible for admission to Norwegian universities and colleges.

You can apply by filling out the form found in the menu to the right (Norwegian only).

On the University of Bergen’s webpages you can find information about what the general admission requirements are and how you can fulfill them. You can apply for an evaluation even if you do not fulfill all the requirements. This evaluation can help you find out what you still need to do to meet the admission requirements.

The evaluation will only determine whether you fulfill the general admission requirements. To get your foreign higher education officially recognized you need to apply to the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT). You can find more information on how to do this on NOKUT’s webpages. It is also possible to get your foreign higher education evaluated even if you don’t have verifiable documentation. More information on this is found on this web page.

Please contact us if you have questions or are unsure about what applies to you and your qualifications.


Foreign education

Countries outside Norway and the Nordic countries have different requirements for general admissions. On the webpages of The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NOCUS/”Samordna Opptak”) you can find general information about the admission process for undergraduate studies at Norwegian universities and university colleges: 

You can also read about which requirements that apply to specific countries (in Norwegian only).


Language requirements

To fulfill the general admission requirements you have to meet certain English and Norwegian language proficiency requirements. You need a higher level language proficiency which can be documented in various ways, depending on your background. You can find more information on meeting language requirements on the following webpages:





Print and fill in the form for evaluation of general admission requirements. In addition to this form you need to submit your Curriculum Vitae and documentation of the education you have completed, both secondary education and higher education.

Additionally, work experience and other experience may be relevant for the evaluation. This should be documented with a certificate or testimonial from your employer or another “supervisor.” The certificate or testimonial must contain the period of time of your employment and the extent of your work (in working hours or percent of a full time position). The certificates or testimonials need to contain the date they were issued and be signed in order to be valid.

If your documents are written in a language other than one of the Nordic languages or English, you need to have them translated by an authorized translation service. You will need to submit copies of the original documents as well as the translations in your application. All of the documents must be certified copies.


Contact us

If you have questions regarding evaluation of general admission requirements, how to apply or which documents to submit, please contact the Division of Student Affairs.

E-mail: opptak@uib.no