How to finance your studies

UiB offers tuition-free quality education for all students.


The University of Bergen is publicly funded and therefore offers tuition-free education for Norwegians and all other students, regardless of citizenship. The only student expenditures are a nominal semester fee (NOK 590) paid to the Student Welfare Organisation, books, and of course costs of living. 

While Norway’s high quality of life goes hand-in-hand with a higher cost of living, the cost of living in Bergen is compensated for by benefits such as free education, quality health care, and ready access to the natural environment. 

Quality education

The Norwegian government considers access to higher education for all to be such an important part of the Norwegian society that the majority of higher educational institutions in Norway are publicly funded.

At UiB it's possible to get a quality education without having to pay any tuition fees, and without sacrificing the quality of the education we offer. UiB ranks among the top 100 European universities, contains several Research Centres of Excellence, and is the most frequently cited university in Norway.

UiB scholarships

UiB doesn't offer any scholarships, but grants and scholarships are available through short-term mobility programmes, such as the:

These grants or scholarships are usually awarded automatically to students admitted to the programme through their home institution. 

Scholarships for American citizens

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial support for Americans to study in Norway.

  • NORAM scholarships are for full time graduate level studies, both exchange and whole degree in Norway.

Other Scholarships and funding

In addition, Study in Norway presents an overview of scholarships and other types of funding for international students wishing to study in Norway.

Cost of Living

Despite Norway’s high living costs, students are able to manage well on reasonable budgets. An estimate of an average student budget in Norway is about NOK 12 122 per month (2019) for most expenses including housing, food, study materials, public transportation and activities. The following are approximations of common student costs:

  • Single room student housing: NOK 3000
  • Student bus card (one month): NOK 460
  • Textbooks (one semester): NOK 1600-3500
  • Dinner (student cafeteria): NOK 65-100
  • Dinner (inexpensive restaurant: approx. NOK 120-160
  • Cinema ticket: approx. NOK 120
  • Semester fee: NOK 590
  • Student membership for Sammen training (one semester): NOK 1100

Self-financing students

Applicants with a citizenship from outside the European Union/EEA/EFTA are required to enclose documentation of funds sufficient to cover expenses while in Norway

Applicants with a citizenship from within the European Union/EEA/EFTA citizenship are not required to document funds for living expenses during their stay in Norway. 


Bank opening hours are limited and most Norwegians prefer to use Internet banking. Cash cards, debit and/or credit cards are accepted practically everywhere and most of the time preferred to cash.

Norway is well equipped with ATMs where international credit or debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and others may be used to withdraw or advance money from your home bank account. Banking services, including exchange of foreign currency, are also offered by Norwegian post offices.