The Student Welfare Organisation - Sammen

Sammen is partly funded by the semester fee, and is responsible for housing, nurseries, cafeterias, counselling services, and sports facilities for students and employees.

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The main task of the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen) is to support your well-being during your time as a student in Bergen. Sammen exists to keep students safe, healthy, and cared for. You can relax and focus on your studies knowing Sammen has your needs covered!

Sammen has three main departments: Housing, Catering, and Welfare. Through these, they provide numerous services to students. Some of Sammen’s services include:

  • Childcare: Are you a parent as well as a student? Sammen strives to make your life easier
  • Health: Stay physically and mentally healthy. Doctors, Dentists, Psychiatrists and more are available through Sammen.
  • Individual Counselling: Get help coping with the challenges of student life, job seeking tips and CV assistance or financing. Individual Counselling is open to anyone to discuss anything. From time-management, to stress, to feeling homesick, or mood issues, the 'smallest' to the 'largest' topics can be broached. Counsellors will assist directly or refer to appropriate resources. 
  • Cafeterias: Nourish yourself for a reasonable price at an on-campus cafeteria, or even order event catering through Sammen.
  • Housing: Sammen offers reasonably priced accommodations, guaranteed housing for international students who meet certain criteria, and guidance through your student housing experience.
  • Training: Training centers, group classes, personal training, swimming, climbing and more! Become a Sammen gym member for a nominal fee.
  • Akademika: Sammen runs Akademika, an academic bookshop where you can buy books and study supplies. Visit Akademika at the Student Centre (Parkveien 1), or online.