Starting studies in beautiful winter weather

King Winter showed off Bergen at its winter best during the reception of international students last week.

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‘It’s been a lifelong dream to come to Norway,’ says Chinese student Deuts Zebach Tse.

Tse is one of 140 exchange students who have chosen to study in Bergen this spring.
‘The number of students is slightly up on last year,’ says Vivian Aamodt, who is responsible for welcoming international students. Most of the international students came to Bergen at the beginning of last week and took part in the reception programme.

New way of organising reception

The reception programme is designed to introduce exchange students to the University of Bergen and to answer their questions about their stay here.

‘This year, we met the students at Fantoft with the offer of start-up packages, and at the bus station to show them the way to the student centre. Our impression is that the new arrangement worked well,’ says Ms Aamodt.

The reception programme gives students an introduction to the university. They are given a guided tour of the campus, meet the student organisations and are helped with semester registration.

A wintry welcome

Several of the new arrivals commented on the freezing winter weather, but Vivian Aamodt tells us that most of the students came prepared for the winter cold.

The exchange students have been informed that it is exceptionally cold in Bergen at the moment. But the students does not seem to have taken fright. Nor has Tse, who is going to study geography at UiB this semester:

‘I like a cold climate,’ he says, ‘so this weather suits me fine.’ Tse is looking forward to starting student life and has just started exploring the city.

‘I had a look around the city centre on my first day here. My impression so far is that Bergen is a very beautiful city,’ Tse says.

Lectures on Norwegian culture

Together with Jessica Chiu from Hong Kong, Tse has attended a series of lectures about Norwegians and Norwegian culture that is part of the reception programme. Their first impression of Norwegians is positive:

‘They are very helpful and friendly,’ the two students agree.