Knowledge for development

– I wanted to study medical cell biology because of the need to bridge the knowledge gap.

I think this is a good place for a prospective researcher.

– There is a demand for cell biologists and a need for more experts in this field in my country, Haruna says.

He found his studies to be very interesting and wanted to learn more.

– One of the reasons I wanted to take the master’s ­programme was to gain more research and lab experience. Haruna likes the practical aspect of the courses and is very pleased with the learning environment in his department.

– The department is well resourced; the teachers are ­experienced and eager to help us, and we have state of the art biomedical science laboratory equiment.

Varied teaching methods

During his studies, he has taken subjects such as Tumour Biology and Immunobiology. Haruna enjoys the focus ­on writing.

– We get a lot of training in academic writing and learn more by working with the material this way. The teaching methods are varied and the students get to do a lot of laboratory-based courses where they apply the techniques they learn. Haruna likes the involved and supportive environment.

His department organises seminars every week, where ­researchers are invited to speak. Even though the students work on different projects, they all get to know what is ­going on in the other projects as well.

– I think this is a good place for a prospective researcher, Haruna says.

Hiking in the mountains

There are activities at the beginning of the semester to help new students get settled. Here, they receive information about the organisation of the studies, and have social activities so they can get to know each other.

– There is always something happening here, you can do everything from hiking in the city mountains to going to the movies.