Informal Learning Environment

Alina Karafiat mentions the culture, the weather and the informal learning enviroment when asked about student life in Bergen.

Bergen has such an awesome and diverse cultural life. It NEVER gets boring in this fairly small city!

German exchange student Alina Karafiat came to UiB via the Erasmus exchange programme from Humboldt University of Berlin. She has studied psychology, but she has also completed level 2 of UiB's Norwegian language courses.

-The reason I chose UiB was quite mundane: It was the only Norwegian university available. Later on though, I realised how excellent the university really is and I decided to stay and write my master´s thesis here. I came early and took part in the Norwegian Intensive Language Course three weeks before the semester started. I can highly recommend that! When the mentor week started I was in “Group Zero” - the alcohol-free alternative, which was a lot of fun!

Rainy Cultural City
Alina's first impression of Bergen was rather wet:
-I expected it to be rainy, and of course it is rainy. But actually, weather doesn´t keep anyone from doing anything here. The second thing that astonished me, coming from big, big Berlin, is that Bergen has such an awesome and diverse cultural life. It NEVER gets boring in this fairly small city.

In general I´d say that it’s quite similar being a student in Bergen and Berlin. There are some differences worth mentioning though.  One big difference is the power distance. While it is normal in Norway to start an e-mail to the professor with “Hi Per”, a German professor would probably suffer a heart attack if he was addressed in such a way.

Alina mentions her language skills as being among the most important thing she has learnt during her stay:
-Being able to converse with people in their own language is a great experience. It might also help a lot on the job market. Who knows – maybe I’ll win the job jackpot and find a position in a Norwegian-German company?