Meet Our New International Blogger!

UiB's new blogger wishes to write for both prospective and current international students about what student life is like for an international student at our university.


Meet Kathleen Louise Hiestand (35), or Stand as her friends call her. She is born and raised in Seattle, USA and she recently started her master's of philosophy in Health Promotion at the Faculty of Psychology here at the University of Bergen.

-Tell us why you chose to apply for a full degree at UiB in Bergen, Norway?

- I have always wanted to live abroad and when I decided to go ahead with it I looked at multiple master's programmes around the world. The programme that really caught my eye and the only one I got really excited about was the master's of philosophy in Health Promotion at UiB. Then I started finding facts about UiB and Bergen, and liked what I saw and read.

Stand was chosen among several well qualified candidates to the newly started part time position as UiB's international blogger, ans she is excited to start her job.

Current and Prospective Students

- Who do you wish to address in your new blog? Who is the blog for?

- In the blog I wish to write about experiences of student life to which both prospective students as well as current international students can relate. I’m hoping blogging’s interactive nature will allow me to address current and potential students’ interests.

Furthermore Stand tells us that she is interested in sharing experiences of coming to Bergen from another country from the practical to the emotional, philosophical, or even comical. She expects most of the comedy will come from embarrassing herself socially. 

- I hope to cover academic opportunities, international student social life, Bergen cultural events, and the experience of coming to Norway and to UiB specifically.

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