Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

UiB uses the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). If your home university is not yet connected to EWP, you can still use the paper version of the learning agreement.

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How to prepare and approve your OLA

  1. Create your OLA account or use the digital platform at your home institution. Prepare your OLA after you have been accepted to UIB and you have signed up for your courses in Studenweb (mid-June/mid-December).
  2. When you have signed your OLA, your home university will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to sign it.
  3. UIB will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to sign your OLA once your home university has signed it.
  4. Once UiB has signed it, your OLA is complete.
  5. Download the Erasmus+ App to track your OLA and for other useful information.

How to prepare and approve your LA (PDF-document/paper version)

  1. Request your home institution for the paper version of the LA.
  2. Prepare your learning agreement after you have signed up for your courses in Studenweb (mid-June/mid-December).
  3. You and your home university need to sign the document before UiB can sign it.
  4. Bring your LA to the Faculty Information Centre upon arrival for UiB to sign the document. Do not send it on email. 

Other procedures apply for

Details to fill in your OLA/LA

Step 1. Student information:

  • Academic year: 2024/2025

Step 2. Sending institution: 

  • Make sure that the email address of your contact person in your home institution is correct.

Step 3. Receiving institution: 

  • Faculty/department: the UIB faculty/department where you will attend the majority of your courses.
  • Contact person at UIB: see the list below. 

Receiving Administrative Contact Person: not necessary to fill in this section.

Step 4: Proposed Mobility Programme

Academic year:2024/2025
Planned start of the mobility:
  • 07.08.2024
Planned end of the mobility:
  • 20.06.2025 Spring semester
  • 20.12.2024 Autumn semester

Table A: Study programme at the receiving institution:

List the courses you will take at the host institution

  • Component codes and number of ECTS credits at UiB: Courses for exchange students
  • Norwegian language courses have a separate registration deadline and admission is given on a first-come, first-served basis. The OLA/LA including these courses will be be approved, however this is not a guarantee of admission.
Table BRecognition at the sending institution:
  • List the courses at your home university that will be substituted

Step 5: Commitment

  • Make sure that you sign your OLA/LA.
  • The OLA can only be signed by your home university after you have signed it. The signature field works best on touch screen, but you can also sign your OLA using a regular computer and pointer/mouse. Your home university will then receive your OLA by email from the Erasmus Dashboard.

Receiving responsible person at UiB

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design:Tale Vik, international coordinator, exchange-kmd@uib.no
Faculty of Law:Mari Anne Franklin, international coordinator, law-incoming@jurfa.uib.no
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:Solveig Monstad, international coordinator, advice.matnat@uib.no
Faculty of Medicine:Marte Nørve Årvik, international coordinator, info@med.uib.no
Faculty of Psychology:Toril Salen, international coordinator, exchange@psyfa.uib.no
Faculty of Social Sciences:Ida Rosenlund, International coordinator, advice@svfa.uib.no
Faculty of Humanities:Rebekka Nistad, international coordinator, advice@hf.uib.no

    Processing time of your OLA/LA

    Routine service for OLAApproximately 2 weeks
    Summer holiday (15 July-6 August)No OLAs and LAs will be processed
    Christmas holiday (22 December-2 January)No OLAs and LAs will be processed

    LA (paper version) should be signed by the Faculty Information Centre upon your arrival. 

    During mobility

    If you make changes to your courses during the mobility period, you will have to update the OLA by using the part called "During Mobility".

    Sign in to your OLA account and fill out the section under New learning agreement with changes.

    This section can only be filled out if your original OLA (Before the mobility) is complete and signed by you, your home university and UiB.