Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

Erasmus+ exchange students coming to UiB must use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA).


How to prepare and approve your OLA

  1. Prepare your OLA after you have been accepted as a student at UiB and we have published the courses you get admitted to on Søknadsweb (by the end of November). 
  2. You fill out your OLA and sign it online or in the Erasmus+ App.
  3. Your home university will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to sign your OLA once you have signed it.
  4. We (UiB) will automatically receive a notification by e-mail to sign your OLA once your home university has signed it.
  5. Once UiB has signed it, your OLA is complete.

Other procedures apply for

Details to fill in your OLA

Step 1: Student

  • Academic year: 2019/2020

Step 2: Sending institution

  • Make sure the email address of your contact person is correct.

Step 3: Receiving institution

  • Receiving institution name: UNIVERSITETET I BERGEN (N BERGEN01)
  • Faculty/department: the faculty/department where you will attend most of your courses
  • Contact person: same as responsible person under step 5

Step 4: Proposed Mobility Programme

  • Table A: Study programme at the receiving institution: list the courses you will take at the host institution
  • Table B: Recognition at the sending institution: list the courses at your home university that will be substituted
  • Planned period of the mobility:
    • Autumn semester: 8 August 2019 - 20 December 2019
    • Full academic year: 8 August 2019 - 20 June 2020

Step 5: Responsible Person

  • Responsible person at UiB:
  • If you are unsure of which faculty you will belong to, please use

Step 6: Commitment

  • Make sure that you sign your OLA. It is only when you have signed it that the coordinator at your home university will be able to sign it. The signature field works best on touch screen, but you can also sign your OLA using a regular computer and pointer/mouse. Your home university will then receive your OLA by email from the Erasmus Dashboard.

Processing time of your OLA

Routine serviceApproximately 2 weeks
Summer holiday (1 July - 15 August)No OLAs will be processed
Christmas holiday (19 December - 2 January)No OLAs will be processed

Paper and pdf-versions of the Learning Agreement will not be signed by UiB.

During mobility

It is also possible to adjust the OLA during the mobility period if your home university requires this. Sign in to the OLA system and fill out the section under New learning agreement with changes.

This section can only be filled out if your original OLA (Before the mobility) is complete and signed by you, your home university and UiB.

For partners

All Erasmus students must use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) system

All incoming and outgoing Erasmus students at UiB, must use the OLA system. We will no longer sign paper versions of the Learning Agreement.

How it works

The student starts the process by creating a learning agreement in the OLA system and signing it online. Be sure to provide your students with the correct name and email for the responsible person at your institution (responsible for signing the Learning Agreement).

The sending institution (the responsible person listed by the student) automatically receives an email from dashboard@uni-foundation.eu with a link to sign it online. All you need in order to sign the OLA, is a regular computer and pointer/mouse. You use the mouse to "draw" your signature in the field called "Sign OLA". You should make sure that the signature covers most of the signing box, otherwise it may not be accepted by the system. Then click “Confirm”.

The receiving institution will then automatically receive an email from dashboard@uni-foundation.eu and we will sign the OLA as soon as we can.

It is also possible to adjust the OLA during the mobility period.

Create an Erasmus Dashboard account

Higher education institutions can choose to create an Erasmus Dashboard account. This is not compulsory for using the OLA system, but it is a great way to manage the OLAs from both your incoming and outgoing Erasmus students.

Learn more about the OLA

We consider the OLA as a major step forward towards a paperless Erasmus. More than 700 universities are registered users of the OLA tool and 22 000 OLAs have been downloaded. Our experience so far is that both students and university coordinators consider the OLA an easy and more efficient way of signing the Learning Agreement.

If you have your own electronic system for Learning Agreements, you can contact dashboard@uni-foundation.eu to find out how to connect your system to this tool.