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Digital eksamen ved UiB-plakat

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As a student you are responsible for getting to know the rules and regulations that applies for digital exams, and to make your preparations accordingly by reading the Instructions to the Candidates before the examination starts.

Examination dates are published online. Candidate number and exam location is found on Studentweb.

At digital written exams you need to bring your own computer to the exam. UiB uses Inspera Assessment as the technical solution. You log in here: https://vurdering.uib.no/ (OBS! only student logins on this URL). Choose "Log inn med Feide" and use your normal UiB username (not your email) and password – the same you use to log in to Mitt UiB and Webmail.

Before the exam

Logging in to the exam system requires a user account at UiB. It is your responsibility to make sure to have an active user account before the day of the exam. Remember to change your password if requested.

Technical requirements

You bring your own device (PC or Mac) to the exam. UiB does not allow tablets, smartphones or equivalent. If you have a device that cannot be used, you can apply to borrow a computer from UiB, see pane for “Borrow a device”.

Your device must:

  • Run an OS equal to or later than Windows 7 or MacOS 10.12
  • Have an internet browser installed, minimum requirements found here
  • Support wireless network. UiB uses Eduroam (how to connect to Eduroam), additional network information will be required where necessary.
  • Have a supported version of Safe Exam Browser installed:

Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a simple browser that is used during written exams to block access to resources on your computer and the internet during the exam. You are responsible to install SEB on your computer BEFORE the exam and control that you have the right version installed.

You download and install the correct version by logging into the exam system and chose «Demo test with Safe Exam Browser (SEB)» under the tab «Demo tests». Follow the on-screen instructions.

Before each exam you need to check if you have the correct version installed and that it was installed successfully, do this as described above. The exam solution takes rapidly into use the new version of Safe Exam Browser and it might be necessary to update your version to be able to do your exam. NB! Remember to look up the password for SEB before opening the test, it can be found towards the bottom of the page “Demo test with Safe Exam Browser (SEB)”

NB! Do not google Safe Exam Browser or SEB and install as it might risk installing a version that does not work at your exam!

External equipment
You are free to bring an external keyboard or mouse on your exam if you bring it yourself. It is a requirement that this equipment is connected by cable, not wirelessly.

Get to know the exam system

Use opportunities presented to you during teaching to get acquainted with the exam solution. You can also learn more by taking the DEMO-tests that you find when logged in. You can complete the DEMO-tests as many times as you like.

The system provider’s webpages for students gives you an opportunity to get to know the system through film, text and pictures. The better you know the system before the exam, the more you can concentrate about the exam contents during the exam.

On the day of the exam

See also the Instructions to the Candidates.

  • Bring your device and power supply to the exam.
  • Be at the exam location latest 30 minutes before the exam starts (also if you are borrowing a UiB computer). NB! If you are taking a law exam you need to be at the exam location at least 40 minutes before the exam starts because of book-control.
  • Find your exam spot, find your computer and other items you are having on your desk during the exam. Pack away bags/backpacks and clothing as directed. Start your device.
  • It is important to close all unnecessary programs that is running on your device to ensure that your device works as smooth as possible during the exam.
  • Connect to the wireless network that will be used. This is mainly Eduroam (how to connect to Eduroam), additional network information will be required where necessary.
  • Start an internet browser (not Safe Exam Browser) and go to: https://vurdering.uib.no/. Click "Log in with Feide", and use your UiB username and password.
  • Find your exam and follow the on-screen instruction to load the exam in Safe Exam Browser. You will be asked for a password (PIN-code). This will be provided by the exam invigilator just before the exam starts.
  • When the exam starts you will be able to access the question and write your answers.
  • You hand in your submission in the exam system when you are finish. Remember to register your submission by the chief invigilator before leaving the exam. Note that when the exam time ends your submission will be locked and you will be forced to deliver.
  • Your exam will normally be made available to you in the exam system in the pane “Archive” after the exam.

Handwritten sketches as attachment to your submission

If the educator in our course expects sketches to be part of the answer, it will be possible to add handwritten sketches/illustrations to your submission.

To use these, you generate a sketch ID in the assessment system which you mark out on the sketch sheet according to instructions provided at the exam. You also need to fill out the remaining information fields on the sheet. The sketch ID is unique per student per task and it is important that this is filled in correctly.

You hand in the sheets to the main invigilator after finishing your exam. Hand in the sheets in the order they should be added to your submission. The sheets will then scanned and added to the respective tasks in your submission. Note that only blue or black pen may be used. See examples of empty and correctly filled in sketches here.

After your exam

Your exam will normally be made available to you in the exam system in the pane “Archive” after the exam.

If you experience technical problems with your  device and Safe Exam Browser, see FAQ.

Home examination

If you are to submit a home exam in the exam solution, you log into the exam solution as normal (see “Before the exam”), open the exam and upload your submission according to the on-screen instructions. Ensure that you get to the confirmation page before going back to Dashboard and logging out. If you can submit multiple times, the exam solution will submit your uploaded file automatically when the deadline has passed.

Note that when the exam end your submission will be locked, so ensure that you upload your submission well ahead of the deadline.

On this webpage you find a video showing all elements in submitting a home exam.

Master's thesis

You are to submit you Master's thesis in Studentweb. Information on how to submit your thesis is available in Mitt UiB.

Special arrangements

Regular rules apply and the same deadlines are followed if you have requirements for special arrangements for digital exams. You will not be granted the use of PC in exams that have digital assessment. For more information see the page Special Arrangements for Examinations.

Borrow a device?

If your device does not meet the requirements (see Before the exam), you can apply to borrow one from UiB. Borrowed devices will be able for pick up in the exam hall before the exam. Safe Exam Browser will be installed on the device.

You submit an application by filling out this application form, please remember to send your application once you have chosen the examinations where you need to borrow a computer.

Deadline for application is one week (5 working days) before the day of the exam. If you come in need of a borrowed computer after the deadline you have to try to make private arrangements to get a working device. If that proves impossible, contact support via Issuetracker as soon as possible.


FAQ (ofte stilte spørsmål) (only in Norwegian) will be able to answer many issues regarding digital exams.

The local PC support (PC vaktene) can aid you in installing Safe Exam Browser ahead of your exam. Technical support will be available in the exam hall during the exam, but you need to install Safe Exam Browser before the day of the exam.

If you need further support you can submit your request through Issuetracker (log in and choose “Digital Exam/Digital eksamen” in the menu on the left) and you will be contacted via email as soon as possible.

External candidates

If you are to take an exam as an external candidate (privatist) you are required to create a UiB user account to be able to log into the exam system. Refer to the letter from your faculty.

External candidates have the same requirements and responsibilities as students and have to bring in their own device and install Safe Exam Browser on it AHEAD of the exam date. See more info in the “Before the exam” pane.

Candidates that participate in external courses arranged by UiB will be informed about log-in information as part of the course and exam.