Incoming students

Erasmus+ Traineeships (internships)

An Erasmus+ traineeship (internship) at UiB must be arranged in direct contact with a department or research group.

How to arrange a traineeship

1. Contact your home university

Your home university will know whether you are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant and what is required for a traineeship to be recognised as part of your education.

2. Find a traineeship at UiB

To find a traineeship, you must contact a department, research group or academic staff at UiB to find out if you can work with them as a trainee.

A traineeship period in the Erasmus+ programme must last between 2 and 12 months.  

3. Sign an Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships

A Learning Agreement must then be arranged between you, your home institution and the faculty/department/unit at UiB. Use the template provided by your home university, and make sure it is signed by you, your home university and administrative staff at the relevant unit at UiB.

4. Email the Learning Agreement to the Admission Team

You must apply for administrative admission by emailing your Learning agreement, completely filled out and signed by all three parties, to admission@uib.no.

Documents required

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships
  • Transcript of records
  • Passport/national ID card

Processing time

From the day we receive your signed Learning Agreement:

Routine serviceApproximately 4 weeks.
Summer holiday
(1 July - 15 August)
No applications will be processed.
Christmas holiday
(15 December - 10 January)

No applications will be processed.

Traineeship offers

Some units at UiB advertise traineeship offers here.

  • At the moment there are no advertised offers, but you can still contact a department or research group of your interest to find out if they offer traineeships.