Short-term Psychology Programme

The Short-term Psychology Programme runs for approximately 5 weeks starting in January every year.

The Short-term Psychology Programme                            

This programme runs over a period of approximately 5 weeks starting early January every year and is offered to psychology students at some of our partner institutions:

  • Macquarie University
  • Monash University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Queensland
  • RMIT University

Courses offered in 2020

You will find detailed course schedules for the spring semester 2020 in the course descriptions from 1 December 2019.

Programme duration

Start Friday 6 January 2020

The programme starts with the Welcome Programme for new international students.

Teaching periods to be announced autumn 2019

End of exams to be announced autumn 2019

Application Procedures to UiB                               

Students must follow the regular application procedures for exchange students for the spring semester with the application deadline 15 October.

Note that all students must be nominated in our online nomination system by their home university before they can apply. The nomination period is 1 September - 1 October. See our step-by-step guide on how to nominate.

Required documents

  • Transcript of records from your home university
  • Passport or national ID card

You do not have to upload documentation of funds when you are staying in Norway for less than 90 days.

Student Housing - Short-term rent

As a student at the Short-term Psychology Programme, you can apply for student housing from the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen). You must apply according to the instructions below in order to be allocated a room.

Conditions for short-term rent

  • You will be allocated a room according to availability.
  • Payment: You do not have to pay a deposit, but the rent must be paid before arrival (via Sammen's My Page).
  • Cancellation: If you cancel less than 48 hours before the start of the lease, you will have to pay 50% of the amount charged. If you fail to arrive, you will be charged the whole amount.

Prices at Fantoft student hostel January/February 2020:

  • 2 weeks (14d) NOK 4000 
  • 4 weeks (28d) NOK 6500
  • 6 weeks (42d) NOK 8800  
  • 8 weeks (56d) NOK 10500

The prices do not include bedlinen. 

Application instructions

  • Apply for student housing by 1 November at Sammen's website.
  • Choose the option Bergen - studieåret 2019/2020 at the beginning of the application form.
  • Type in the date you wish to have accomodation from
  • It is important that you register a valid mobile phone number (including country code), when applying for housing

Check in at Sammen

Students that have been allocated a room at Fantoft, Fridalen or Brann Stadion must check in and pick up their key at Fantoft. Students staying in another student hostel provided by Sammen must check in and pick up their key in Sammen's Information desk at the Student Centre. 

Opening hours can be found on Sammen's websites.