How to apply for exchange

Your step-by-step guide on how to apply for exchange to UiB.

Step 3: Upload documents & complete your application


Complete your application

Complete your application by uploading the required documents on Søknadsweb. Without the required documents your application will be rejected.

NB! The documents must be uploaded as PDF or jpg files.

Documents required for all applicants:

  • Transcript of records in English or Scandinavian language
  • Passport or national ID card

Applicants required to upload additional documents:

Applicants from non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries

You must also submit documentation of funds.

You or your home university must upload a document which shows how you plan to finance your stay in Norway to Søknadsweb (or Nomination web). This document can be a:

  • Confirmation from partner university about sufficient funding
  • Bank statement in your name which shows sufficienct funding (in any currency as long as it is equivalent to the amount listed below)
  • Letter/confirmation that you will receive a scholarship/ grant/ student loan
  • Letter from parents where they confirm the relationship with you and that they will support your stay in Norway financially

The amount applicants must document (2018/2019):

  • Staying for one semester (5 months): NOK 54 125
  • Staying for two semesters (10 months): NOK 116 369

Applicants exempt from this requirement:

Confirmation in your Letter of Acceptance

Exchange students from non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries must document that they can finance their stay in Norway to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) when applying for a study permit. UDI accepts the Letter of Acceptance from UiB as valid documentation of funds, if UiB includes a statement confirming that the student has sufficient funds to finance their stay in Norway in the letter.

UiB therefore requires all exchange students from non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries to submit documentation of funds with their application for admission to UiB by the application deadline, as this will simplify the application process for a study permit to UDI.

Applicants to courses in English language and literature (ENG-courses)

Level C1 required

Courses in English language and literature have course codes starting with ENG[xxx]. Students who apply to take ENG-courses must have a minimum of level C1 (CEFR).

How to document your English proficiency

You must document your English level by submitting one of the following tests:

  • IELTS: minimum 7
  • TOEFL:
    • Internet-based test (iBT): 90
    • Paper-based test (PBT): 560
  • University of Cambridge examinations:
    • First Certificate in English: Grade A
    • Certificate in Advanced English: Grade C
    • Certificate of Proficiency in English: Level C1
  • ETS - TOEIC Listening and Reading Test:
    • TOEIC Listening: 490
    • TOEIC Reading: 455

Native speakers of English are exempt and do not need to submit an English test for admission to these courses.

Applicants to courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Applicants to courses in Mathematics and Natural Sciences must also submit:

We ask you to submit such a list to make sure that you will get a place in the courses you apply for based on the courses you will have completed by the time you arrive at UiB.

Applicants to the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

Applicants to Fine Art and Design studies must also submit:

  • Portfolio of work samples:
    • 6 – 10 works.
    • You are free to choose media and content.
  • Letter of motivation:
    • Maximum 1 page.
    • Master level applicants must define his/her own independent artistic project in the motivation letter.
  • Brief CV:
    • Maximum 1 page.

Applicants to Music - performance/composition:

  • You must apply in the joint international application form by 1 March every year.
  • You must submit all the documentation required via the joint international application form.
  • If you are offered admission or you are on the waiting list, you will be added to UiB's application system in April/September (depending on when you will start your exchange).

Applicants to regular courses taught in Norwegian (NOT Norwegian language courses)

You can apply for courses taught in Norwegian if you are proficient in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish).

You must document your proficiency in a Scandinavian language by uploading

  • Your passport (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), or
  • Transcript of records (from high school or university level) which shows that you have studied one of these languages.

Click Done to complete your application, or Save if you have made changes.

Note that even if you have completed your application, you will still be able to make some changes and upload additional documents yourself until the deadline 1 May / 15 October, if needed.