How to apply for exchange

Your step-by-step guide on how to apply for exchange to the University of Bergen (UiB).

Next steps


You have finished your application at Søknadsweb, so what's next?

Prepare yourself for the next steps

We expect that you familiarise yourself with the information at this webpage after completing your application. This will ensure that you are always prepared for what comes next.

Admission process to UiB

Admission and Letter of Acceptance


Your application is processed in cooperation with the faculties and departments. As soon as we know whether we can offer you admission, we will publish your Letter of Acceptance.

Letter of Acceptance

  • The Letters of Acceptance are published at Søknadsweb.
  • They are published continuously during the period 5 May - 5 June.
  • You will be notified by email when your letter has been published.
  • The sooner you complete your application, the earlier we will be able to process it.

"Under consideration"

The status of your application will be set to Under consideration at Søknadsweb until we have finished the processing completely and ask you to accept your offer.

Accept the offer of admission

When we have finished processing your application, we will ask you to accept/decline your offer of admission in Søknadsweb.

  • You will be notified by email.
  • If you have applied for restricted courses, you will see which courses you have been admitted to.
  • If we have removed any of the restricted courses that you applied for, it means that we cannot offer you admission to that specific course.
  • The deadline for accepting the offer of admission in Søknadsweb is 8 June.
  • You can safely accept the offer without knowing in detail which courses you will be taking at UiB.

Make changes from mid-June: On 17June you will get access to our online registration service for students where you can sign up for courses and make changes to the courses you have already been accepted to if needed (see Register and sign up for courses below).


Register and sign up for courses

Access and register at Studentweb

On 17 June you will get access to Studentweb, the online registration service for students.

Register and sign up

You must register at Studentweb each semester, and sign up for classes and exams for the courses you will take.

Course schedules and exam dates: Before you sign up for courses, you should check the course schedules and exam dates to make sure that the classes and exams for your courses do not overlap. These are published on 1 December (spring courses) and 1 June (autumn courses).

Final deadline for signing up for courses is 1 February/ 1 September.

How to register at Studentweb

After you have applied to UiB, you should