How to apply to UNIS

You can apply to study at UNIS Svalbard if you are nominated for an exchange period at UiB.

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UNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard

If you want to apply for courses at UNIS, you must apply for admission to both UNIS and UiB. You must follow both application procedures in detail and both UiB and UNIS require that you upload copies of official transcripts to document your grades and student status.

  1. Apply to UNIS
  2. Apply to UiB

UiB as a second choice

UNIS may have more applicants than places for exchange students, and some semesters there are students who are not offered admission. We therefore recommend that you consider applying for courses at UiB as well as UNIS, that way you will have the option to come to UiB as a second choice.

If you want UiB as your second choice, remember to choose both courses at UiB and the option UNIS in UiB's application form.

Student housing in Bergen

If UiB is also an option for you, you should apply for student housing.

You are safe to accept the contract for housing, even if you have not received an offer of admission from us or UNIS yet. You can cancel your housing if needed without any extra costs if you follow the housing provider's instructions and deadlines for cancellation (see bottom of page under Cancellation of the housing offer).