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Become conscious of how you learn and be aware of the factors that contribute to your own motivation.
This according to the Times Higher Education ranking, which has just been published.
The University of Bergen gathered its polar researchers for the Polar Day in September 2014. The goal of the meeting is to create a centre for polar research in Bergen.
The University of Bergen (UiB) is the 56th most quoted university in the world, according to the new QS rankings.
More than 40 per cent of the doctorates conferred at the University of Bergen in the spring semester 2014 were international students. A total of 116 doctorates were granted in the semester.
A recent study from the University of Bergen shows that 8.3 per cent of the Norwegian work force is addicted to work to the point where it becomes a health issue.
Taking your mobile phone, tablet or computer to bed is a bad idea if you want a good night’s sleep.
Professors Randi and Gunnar Håland have added colour and spice to life and research at UiB, and have built relations that have put Bergen on the world map.
Monday 6 January the University of Bergen will be welcoming our new international students to Bergen and the university.
Starting 1 October all students at UiB will more easily be able to manage their studies online, as well as receiving administrative help at their faculty. Increased availability for the students at UiB has been one of the main objects for the changes made.
The tragic events in Oslo and at Utøya have affected many people.
Being a new student at the University of Bergen, having just arrived in Bergen and Norway, must be challenging. Or is it?
There was plenty of crash, bang and wallop when approximately 170 exchange students of varying abilities enjoyed themselves on the slopes during this year’s Ski Day at Eikedalen.
King Winter showed off Bergen at its winter best during the reception of international students last week.
– We are hoping to give our international students a gentle start to the new student year, says Vivien Aamodt.
The start of a new semester is just around the corner and almost 600 international students are coming to study at the University of Bergen. Marte Nørve Årvik will be their hostess and she is looking forward to meeting the new faces.
The start of the semester is rapidly approaching and new students are probably experiencing more and more butterflies in their stomach for each day that passes. It is the perfect opportunity to have a chat with Buddy Bergen about their autumn programme.
With a new executive committee and demand growing from semester to semester, Buddy Bergen gives Norwegian and international students good reason to celebrate. The committee is looking to recruit more able helpers.